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Minister Paweł Soloch met with NATO naval commander

Naval security, new threats, Poland's contribution to NATO, alliance operations and Polish officers' service in NATO's command were discussed by the Head of National Security Bureau Pawel Soloch and NATO's naval commander Sir Clive Johnstone on Tuesday.

"Admiral Johnstone underscored the importance of maritime security in the context of the current situation and growing threats around Europe, related primarily to the aggressive policy of Russia," Paweł Soloch told PAP on Wednesday, a day after receiving Johnstone at Warsaw's Belweder Palace. "He drew attention to the fact that from the military perspective only combined activities, an important element of which is effective activity of the naval component, can ensure a response to the challenges related to those threats."

According to the BBN chief, the admiral, who heads the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM), "gave his assurance that in NATO Poland's contribution to date in building the alliance's maritime potential is fully appreciated, especially the participation of Polish units in the Standing NATO Maritime Groups."

Paweł Soloch added that the admiral "declared MARCOM's support for working out a vision of development of Polish naval forces," which will strive to combine Poland's maritime interests, including above all the defence of state borders, with the fulfillment of alliance obligations.

The BBN chief stated that the NATO commander "also drew attention to the fact that the most beneficial thing would be for our country to eventually possess three or four frigate-class units, which being universal and multi-task, would enable optimal realisation of tasks both national and within the framework of NATO."

Source: PAP, own information