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President: Anaconda manoeuvres a total success

This year's Anaconda 18 military exercise has managed to achieve all its goals, President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday in Elbląg.

Honourable Minister of National Defence,

Honourable Ministers,

Distinguished Mr Chairman,

Men and Women in uniforms,

All Distinguished Guests!

I wish to offer my warmest whole-hearted congratulations to all officers who have been distinguished today and to all generals who received today their well-deserved promotions.

My address today is primarily to connected with the completion of the Allied Anaconda-18 exercise and receipt of certification by the Command of Multinational Division North East. But I would like to begin on an exceptional note by asking that we now together in a moment of silence pay tribute the 41st President of the United States, World War 2 hero, Mr George H.W. Bush sr. Please join me in a minute of silence. Thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me add only that I am certain that if it had not been for the US policy, the policy pursued by President Ronald Reagan with whom George Bush served  as Vice President, if it was not for the subsequent policy of the latter, as President of the United States, the Iron Curtain would never have fallen, and our today’s beautiful occasion would have not occurred.


President George H.W. Bush sr was certainly one of those politicians who shaped history and the new face of the world. Owing to this, Poland is today a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, we are part of the free, democratic world, and the Anaconda-18 exercises could take place.

As Supreme Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, I would like to thank all of you - generals, officers, servicemen and women, including those who are not in a military service, who contributed as non-military personnel - for your active participation in this great event. 12.5 thousand troops in Poland, 5 thousand beyond Polish borders - this is a really large-scale training event. AT this point, it is worth underscoring that the exercise took place not only in Poland, but also abroad - in the Baltic States.

It was extremely interesting and demanding because, on the one hand, it entailed a traditional, basic combat exercise, but on the other hand, also a defence exercise countering hybrid actions. I would like to congratulate you on the fact that you have managed to achieve all of the assumed objectives. It is clear that their evaluation and conclusions will follow in due course, but the exercise was carried out and successful.


In this context, I would also like to congratulate all those who were involved in the creation and certification of the Multinational Command of the North-Eastern Division. The excellent assessment in the certification not only testifies to your hard work, capabilities and organizational skills, but also shows great commitment and certainly give grounds for great satisfaction. It is a very important complement to the Alliance's advanced presence on the eastern flank.

But today's meeting at the end of the Anaconda-18 exercise is, first of all, another highlight of our alliance and our defence capabilities, which is so important in the world that is changing so dynamically when it comes to its security architecture.

While thanking our Polish military personnel, I would like to thank with all my heart all the servicemen and women of the allied armies, who took part in the exercise and who are in Poland. I would like to thank you and assure you that you are always welcome among us.


I hope that in the coming months or years not only will we be able to expect an increase in our allied presence in Poland, but that you will have more and more opportunities to improve your cooperation in field conditions. So that later, if necessary, you can stand shoulder to shoulder as the most efficient common army in the world in defence of the free world. And so that you always can return home safely.

This is what I wish you all. May God bless our servicemen and their families!

Thank you.