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Duda-Trump talks set good tone for military cooperation

Talks between Polish and US presidents, Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, during the NATO summit in Brussels create a good climate for increasing US military engagement in Poland, head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) Paweł Soloch said on Friday.

Asked by a public radio broadcaster, what Poland "has" from the NATO summit in Brussels. "We have something that is actually in the interest of all allies, particularly the countries of the eastern flank, including Poland," Soloch replied. "We have a decision on two major commands: the naval command in Norfolk, which is to ensure communication between Europe and the United States, and a decision on the rear command in Ulm, which is to engage, if necessary, in the transfer of troops to the European continent, especially in the eastern direction," the security chief explained.

He admitted that "all decisions related to the readiness of first-line forces within 30 days are specific military decisions that play a deterrent role against a potential opponent." "From our point of view, this is a threat from the east, from Russia," he added.

Asked whether the two talks at the NATO summit between President Andrzej Duda and President Donald Trump, have brought Poland closer to having permanent bases of US troops, Soloch replied: "They have certainly created a good climate to increase military involvement, including a military presence, including perhaps permanent bases," he pointed out. "They have also creatied an atmosphere for Poland to be perceived (...) by our allies as an important, serious state."

The head of the BBN also noted that although the media mainly talk about increasing the US troop presence in Poland, there are a lot of areas for cooperation with the US in the field of security, like "purchases and working together, as regards the army's modernisation."

He cited President Duda'a statement, who told reporters ahead of the NATO summit that "certainly within the next month, or one and a half months, you will learn about new purchases for the Polish army."

Source: PAP