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Polish and French presidents hold phone talk

President Andrzej Duda held a telephone talk with French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday. President Duda conveyed words of sympathy following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

"Please accept words of solidarity from me and the entire Polish nation." "This tragedy has shocked Poles. We condemn with full force this act of terror which struck out at European values," said the president.

Andrzej Duda stressed that Poland was an ally of France and ready to offer its support in combating the terrorist threat. "I am saying this also on behalf of the Polish government," the president added.

Thanking for his support, President Hollande briefed President Duda on the successful action conducted by French police and special services which led to the elimination of one of the terrorist cells in the suburbs of Paris. "We are at war," said Hollande.

The two presidents discussed the consequences of the application of Article 42.7 of the Treaty of Lisbon and announced that the Polish and French defence ministers will discuss the details of proposed solutions.

Source: president.pl; PAP