Deterrence is NATO's basic strength - Polish security head - News - National Security Bureau


Deterrence is NATO's basic strength - Polish security head

NATO's basic strength is its deterrence capability, therefore NATO forces should be deployed in its eastern regions, head of Poland's National Security Office (BBN) Stanislaw Koziej said on Tuesday as he referred to the situation in Ukraine.

Russia has increased its capabilities related to conducting large-scale military operations, according Stanislaw Koziej.

"For a few years Russians have been training this and conducting large-scale manoeuvres. In fact, Russia has restored its ability to perform a surprise operation of not only a minor scale but also of medium-size and large scale," the security head told Polish Radio One.

"The only effective precaution against such a possibility is obviously deterrence through deploying troops on NATO's territory," Koziej said, clarifying that NATO bases, troops and infrastructure should be present in the Baltic states and Poland.

"Then the decision on potential aggression against such a NATO-saturated territory would be far more difficult than for example the annexation of Crimea or some other region where NATO is not present," the BBN head stressed.

Source: PAP