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PM briefed on accusations against top rank general - Security Bureau

The National Security Bureau (BBN) said Thursday it had informed the PM on MoD's informal accusations of Gen. Jaroslaw Kraszewski after President Andrzej Duda not having received any Defense Ministry's explanations on the case.

The National Security Bureau is a body providing aid and support to the President of the Republic of Poland in executing security and defence tasks.

The Bureau added that last June, the Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW) launched a checking procedure towards General Kraszewski, the director of BBN's Armed Forces Supervision Department.

This means that the general has been deprived of access to classified information and thus prevented the general to fully continue his duties, the BBN wrote.

The BBN noted that for some time now Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz has been raising informal accusations against General Kraszewski aimed to undermine his credibility.

"In early 2017, President Andrzej Duda reacting to the accusations, turned to the defence minister for relevant explanations. To this day, the president has not received any reply. In view of this, the PM and coordinator of special services have been informed of the case", the BBN wrote.

Source: PAP