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US policy unchanged - National Security Bureau head

For the time being the US policy remains unchanged, head of Poland's National Security Bureau (BBN) Pawel Soloch has said commenting on the resignation of Michael Flynn, the national security adviser to the US president.

"We do not see any change that would be negative for us", Soloch told a private radio broadcaster on Tuesday.

"If Flynn's too close or improper relations with Russia were to be an argument for his removal, then this shows that... the United States has not changed its policy towards that country after the election of the new president," said Soloch.

He added that if contacts with the Russian embassy was the real reason for the dismissal than this would abolish the thesis about "Donald Trump's pro-Russian tendency".

Asked whether Flynn's resignation would not be a problem for Poland as he was the one responsible for preparations of Trump's visit to Poland, Soloch said that an invitation for the US leader had been received by the US administration not Flynn.

Soloch added that regardless of who let Flynn go "so far the US policy has remained unchanged". "That negative turn that so many have augured for us, has been there" - concluded BBN chief.

Source: PAP