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New York. President's meetings and talks at UN

President Andrzej Duda's talks at the UN headquarters in New York were centred on security issues in the context of the ongoing conflicts: in Ukraine and the Middle East, and sustainable development. The Polish leader and his Spouse are paying a visit to the United States.

Speaking to Polish media representatives, the President reported that he has held a number of important meetings today. He informed that the main topic of discussion with UN Secretary–General António Guterres was the issue of security in the context of two major crises: the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the conflict unfolding in the Middle East in the aftermath the Hamas assault on Israel.

    We must do our utmost to ensure that Russia does not win the war in Ukraine,” said Andrzej Duda. He added that „today it is our duty – as well as that of the entire community – to support Ukraine so that it defends itself against Russian aggression.

Andrzej Duda noted that in his talks with UN General Assembly President Dennis Francis and ECOSOC President Paula Narváez, current issues related to the development of Poland and our part of Europe came under discussion.

“I spoke about cooperation within the framework of the Three Seas’ Initiative, about infrastructural development and our plans encourage growth of investment in this part of Europe,” the President pointed out.

He noted that for the first time in history, the UN General Assembly's Sustainability Week has been organized. The debates organized focus on key areas related to infrastructure, energy and sustainable development, among others.

The discussions with ECOSOC President Paula Narváez also touched, among other things, on Poland's term in the UN Economic and Social Council, which began this year and will last until 2026. Andrzej Duda stressed that one of Poland's main goals in the Council is promoting our experience in social programs, economic development and governance standards.