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Third Summit of the Crimea Platform

President Andrzej Duda: Poland does not accept such a vision and it will never do! That is why since 2014 we have consistently stood with Ukraine.

Distinguished Mr. President, Dear Volodymyr,
Excellences, Dear Friends, Presidents,
Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliaments, Members of Parliaments,
Dorohi ukrajinski druzi,  
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our today`s meeting is a living proof that the international community has understood the significance of the illegal occupation of Crimea and other Ukrainian lands to the whole world.
It does not only exemplify the ideology of “Russkiy mir” in practice but is also an ominous sign of a world which may materialize when international law, human rights or the provisions of the UN Charter are no longer respected.  

Poland does not accept such a vision and it will never do!  That is why since 2014 we have consistently stood with Ukraine. The developments of March and April 2014 were a signal for us about Russia`s real intentions concerning Ukraine: the annexation of its territory, annihilation of the statehood and destruction of Ukrainian culture and language. Hence, we made an appeal for international solidarity with Ukraine already then.

Now we are at a totally different point in time. Nobody should have any illusions that the occupation of Crimea is a regional problem.  It`s a global problem! Unless we solve it together, we will de facto begin to agree to a new international security architecture and a new global order based on the law of force, introduced, imposed by Russians.  Therefore, the de–occupation of Crimea and restoration of Ukraine`s full territorial integrity are necessary preconditions, not just for the security of the Azov–Black Sea region, but also for the stability of the global security architecture.  

We must not let Putin achieve his goals vis–a–vis Ukraine. Russia`s illicit control over Crimea is one of the most significant foundations of legitimacy for the Kremlin. That is why we must do all we can to ensure that it becomes part of Ukraine again. There can be no concessions to Russia in this regard whatsoever.
Moscow has to return all the seized territories and face the consequences of its actions. Let us not forget that what is really at stake in this war is keeping the world order based on respect for international law, territorial integrity, as well as the freedom and the right of nations to choose their own future. What is at stake are the foundations of the free world.

Thank you very much.