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President: Russia biggest threat to Nato states

Russia now poses the biggest threat to Nato members, President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday ahead of an alliance summit in Madrid.

Andrzej Duda, who will represent Poland throughout the summit, said that a few years ago Nato regarded Russia as a partner, but now its position had to change.

„In 2010 Nato's strategic concept saw Russia as a partner country. It is now high time to completely reconsider this approach,” Andrzej Duda said.

– Today Russia is the biggest threat to Nato countries, most of all for those on the alliance's eastern flank.

Commenting on expectations that the Madrid summit will result in a new strategic concept for the alliance, Andrzej Duda said the meeting should serve to show Nato’s unity.

„What do we hope to achieve at this summit? First of all, (we should – PAP) display unity, because this is of primary importance with regard to Russia's attack on Ukraine, and everything that is taking place beyond our eastern border,” the president said.

He added that it was important for Nato to strike a „tough and strong” stance towards Russia's treatment of Ukraine, and said that in the present situation Poland wanted the reinforcement of the eastern Nato flank. (PAP)