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President calls for financial support for Ukraine

The Russian invasion has devastated Ukraine and the world needs to support its reconstruction, Andrzej Duda, the Polish president, has said.

Andrzej Duda made the appeal in the south–eastern city of Rzeszow, on Thursday, after he and his counterparts from the Baltic States returned from a visit to Kyiv.

The president said there was a widespread belief that Ukraine would manage to defend itself, but Ukrainians needed international support to be able return to their homes and reconstruct their country from the destruction caused by the Russian invasion.

„This financial support must be given by the EU, this financial support for Ukraine must be given by the rest of the world, and I believe that we, the international community, will be up to the task,” Andrzej Duda said.

„I hope that the message from Kyiv from all five of us, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, will be heard across the world,” the Polish president said, commenting on the Wednesday visit which was meant to be seen as a show of support for Ukraine.(PAP)