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Message from the President of Poland

Andrzej Duda: This is not the time for political bickering. What matters is Poland and the country’s security, what matters is aid to Ukraine fighting for her independence.

Dear Compatriots,
Ladies and Gentlemen!

Barely one week ago I was in a beautiful and proud city of Kiev, and I spoke to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Within a matter of few hours, Russian troops launched an attack on independent Ukraine. They waged cruel war against our neighbour.

Today, Kiev is shelled, and its inhabitants stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian Army defending their city. Equally the capital city and whole Ukraine have become a symbol of defending our common values: freedom, sovereignty and democracy in the eyes of the free world.

For one week now, whole Ukraine has been heroically defying the invaders, paying the highest price. Residential houses, blocs of flats, schools and hospitals have come under shelling and bombardment. Numerous attacks launched by Russian troops are bearing attributes of genocide. They will not go unpunished, I trust, and their perpetrators we be held to account before international tribunals.

As Poland, we have been actively helping our neighbours from day one. We have insisted internationally on imposition of the toughest possible sanctions against aggressors, and they have now become a reality. I am in constant contact with the President of the United States, with NATO Secretary General, European Union leaders and other world leaders. Today, the Polish point of view has been adopted by the vast majority of Western countries. This is a great change.

We champion Ukraine’s efforts to become a member of the European Union. As part of NATO, we are providing concrete assistance to Ukraine in her defence. Poland has already admitted over half a million refugees fleeing the tragedy of war. Almost day in day out, I consult President Zelensky as to how else give support to our neighbours.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also asked me to convey to all Poles his heartfelt thanks for the great support, Ukraine receives from our country and society. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I know that what you do goes straight from your hearts: equally when you accommodate our neighbours in your homes, when you are providing transportation to them, organizing collections of goods, charitable actions, making donations and raising funds to aid Ukraine. As a nation once again do we demonstrate what solidarity means.  

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Compatriots!

I remain in constant contact with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and ministers. The entire state administration and local governments are facing a great challenge. All respective services are on high alert. I am most appreciative of the preparations made in recent days. The Polish state stands the test.

Poland is today the leader in providing aid to Ukraine. That is why we have become and will continue to be the target of organized, cynical Russian propaganda and disinformation. We must all be aware of this. Attempts have already been made to slander Poland in foreign media, to stir up hostile emotions towards the refugees we are receiving. We must expect many such provocations in the near future. I assure you that we, as a country, will respond decisively to such actions.

But I also ask all of you to be exceptionally cautious and responsible. Let us not spread rumours and unverified information. Let us not allow ourselves to be divided, let's not allow ourselves to be turned against one another. This is precisely the object of those who are behind the present brutal aggression.

Unity and responsibility are needed by all, but especially in politics. Today I have made this point during the session of the National Security Council, attended by politicians from both the government and the opposition. I have invited my presidential election opponent, Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, as well as representatives of local governments to come to the Presidential Palace tomorrow.

Today we need cooperation. This is not the time for political bickering. What matters is Poland and the country’s security, what matters is aid to Ukraine fighting for her independence. The Polish raison d’état so requires.

Long live free, independent and democratic Ukraine!

Long live Poland!