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President at the NATO Summit in Brussels

US President Joe Biden is very concerned about security in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Polish president said on Monday after the close of the Nato summit in Brussels.

Statement by the President at the meeting with the media

Andrzej Duda told reporters that much of the summit talks concerned security on the eastern Nato flank, of which Poland is part, and threats to the region from Russia.

"I think the summit was very good, especially seen from our Polish point of view. Much was spoken about matters of direct concern to us - security on the eastern flank... or collective defence," Andrzej Duda said.

Referring to his earlier face to face talks with Biden, Andrzej Duda Duda said the US president assured of his concern for security in Central and Eastern Europe.

"During the talks I had with Joe Biden, the US president made it very clear that security in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland's security, lay very close to his heart," Andrzej Duda said.

He added that his talks with Biden also covered military cooperation, deterrence, and relations with Russia.

According to the Polish president, most of the summit participants, including Biden, saw Russia as a major security threat.

"The absolute majority of (the summit participants - PAP), including President Joe Biden, addressed the fact that the threat posed by Russia, by its various aggressive moves, its attack on Ukraine, is one of the biggest geopolitical threats today," Andrzej Duda said.

He added that Russia was especially dangerous for countries in Poland's region.

Andrzej Duda said the summit adopted a "Nato 2030" future roadmap prepared after the last Nato summit in London, which foresees more involvement by the Nato members in the Alliance's functioning.

"We can expect the member states to show more engagement in the functioning of Nato, so in perspective we can also have hopes for an increased Nato presence in our part of the world, in our part of Europe," Andrzej Duda said. (PAP)