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The online National Security Council (RBN) session

Polish President Andrzej Duda, speaking after a teleconference with parliamentary party leaders on Monday, said that there was a huge chance that the government's anti-crisis package, worth about EUR 50 bln, will be passed in full agreement by parliament.

Following the online National Security Council (RBN) session that the president called for Monday noon, the head of state said the opposition's ideas will be taken into account when drafting the final version of related legislation.

Apart from the president and parliamentary party leaders, the RBN participants included government and parliament officials.

"There were plenty of constructive ideas, there were also a lot of questions (...). Work on those solutions is still going on," Duda said, expressing hope that the legislation will be passed by the lower house of parliament this week.

On Wednesday, the president and the government revealed a PLN 212 bln (EUR 46.43 bln) "anti-crisis shield," whose five pillars include protection of jobs, healthcare funding, financial system stability, support for businesses and public investment.

On Saturday, Duda announced that Poland will exempt self-employed people and micro-companies from social security payments for three months if their revenues drop by more than 50 pct compared to February, which will further raise the amount of state aid that is aimed to support Polish businesses which have felt the impact of the spreading coronavirus epidemic.

Source: PAP