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Paweł Soloch discussed defense cooperation in Kiev

Defense cooperation between Poland and Ukraine, including the establishment of the Polish-Ukrainian-Romanian forum for consultations on security issues was the subject of talks that were held during the two-day visit to Kiev by the head of the National Security Bureau, Paweł Soloch.

Paweł Soloch told Polish media after the talks that Poland and Ukraine shared "many topics" regarding defence, especially in view of the militarisation of the Black Sea basin and raised Russian presence in the region. In this context he reminded that Poland and Romania were the initiators of the B9 format embracing countries on the eastern NATO flank.

Recounting his talks with Oleksiy Danilov, head of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council, Soloch said the security consultation forum concept has raised interest both in Ukraine and Romania, but added that there was so far no fixed date for its inception.

Paweł Soloch said the Ukrainian side had also acquainted him with its undertakings to investigate the January 8 downing of a Ukrainian airliner over Iran.

Minister said he and Danilov also discussed the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

In Kiev Soloch also spoke with Ukrainian Defence Minister Andriy Zagorodniuk and other Ukrainian high officials.

National Security Bureau stated during talks in Kiev that Poland invariably stands on the side of Ukraine in matters of territorial unity and independence. "Our position is unchanging. We support territorial integrity, we are against lifting the sanctions against Russia, if there is no visible progress in this matter, we also support Ukraine's will to approach and maybe in some perspective NATO membership, so here our line is permanent "- said Paweł Soloch.

Source: PAP. own information