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Poland to contribute two battalions and two F-16 squadrons to NATO forces

Poland declared during Wednesday's NATO summit that it would provide two land force battalions, two F-16 squadrons and two ships to forces formed under the NATO Readiness Initiative.

Head of Poland's National Security Bureau Pawel Soloch told PAP that Poland will also be a framework country of one of six brigades, which will include battalions.

"We confirmed the decisions that were made last year on the Readiness Initiative. We belong, along with Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to the group of six countries that declared their readiness to act as framework states for land brigades," Soloch said after the meeting of leaders of states and governments of NATO countries. "As a framework state, we provide brigade command, as well as contribute two battalions, a mechanised battalion and a tank battalion," said Soloch.

He added that the Czech Republic and Slovakia reported their battalions to the brigade, which is to be commanded by Poland.

"We also declared two combat-ready flight squadrons, two anti-mine ships, and additional elements," Soloch announced.

The aim of the Readiness Initiative, known also as the 4x30 initiative, is for NATO to have 30 mechanized battalions, 30 air squadrons, and 30 combat vessels ready for deployment within 30 days or less, by 2020.

Source: PAP