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Security forum opens in Warsaw

The Warsaw Security Forum, a two-day conference devoted to security issues, started in the Polish capital on Wednesday. The meeting was inaugurated by Paweł Soloch, head of National Security Bureau (BBN).

"The transatlantic community, of which we are a member, should work in solidarity," said Paweł Soloch, as he opened the forum of which the BBN is a strategic partner. He added that, "Solidarity has been a theme that has been recurring since the very beginning, and it's something that is worth remembering. It's also worth keeping in mind the need to develop an ability to respond in solidarity to all challenges, like hybrid and cybernetic threats which are fairly new, as well to those which are more traditional, such as classic large-scale military aggression."

"We must work in solidarity to build military capabilities that will enable us to meet these challenges," said minister P. Soloch. "Secondly, we must take care about the condition of NATO, for which, we believe, there is no alternative. The Alliance provides an institutional framework for solidarity, and for the community interests of Europe and America," said the head of the BBN.

US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher, who also took part in the inauguration of the conference, said that security was important not only in the military dimension, but also in the energy, economic, intellectual-educational and digital sectors.

Mosbacher stated that the US was engaged in Europe, because Europe believed in its allies. She also mentioned the recent declaration of the presidents of Poland and the USA regarding deepening military cooperation and the deployment of a thousand more American troops in Poland. She pointed to the sale of Patriot air defense systems and HIMARS rocket artillery to Poland by the United States, and ongoing talks about F-35 aircraft. At the same time, she repeated that Polish-American ties are not of a "transactional" character, and that the most important component in alliances was the human element.

She also noted the involvement of American soldiers who serve on NATO's eastern flank, including in Poland, within the framework of US operations and multinational NATO groups, and said that the US was doing this because it believes in its allies.

The annual Warsaw Security Forum conference was organised by the Pulaski Foundation. The strategic partners of WSF are NATO and BBN; The conference is being held under the patronage of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ministries of entrepreneurship, infrastructure and digitil affairs.

Source: PAP