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Presidential Couple's visit to the White House

The presidents of Poland and the US, Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, signed a joint declaration in Washington on Wednesday on increasing the US military presence in Poland. Both the United States and Poland reaffirmed their commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including the commitments made in Articles 3 and 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, as the cornerstone of defence relations.

The US plans to increase its current military presence in Poland by 1,000 soldiers in the near future, reads the document. Currently there are some 4,500 US soldiers deployed in Poland.

President Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump declared that they look forward to growing and enhancing defence cooperation in the years ahead. 





The Polish presidential couple was received at the White House by President Trump and American First Lady Melania Trump. This was Andrzej Duda's second visit to the White House in the last 10 months.



In the afternoon, the presidential couple attended a reception at the White House, organised by the US president and his wife.

Andrzej Duda will be received by Trump at the White House for the second time, after a similar meeting that took place last autumn.