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President to promote five officers to ranks of general and admiral

On March 13, President Andrzej Duda will officially promote five Polish Army officers to the general and admiral ranks, the National Security Bureau (BBN) announced on Tuesday.

The ceremony will be held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Poland's accession to NATO.

Among the promoted officers is Plenipotentiary for the Creation of Cyberspace Defense Forces Colonel Karol Molenda, who is soon to also become the director of the National Cyberspace Security Centre.

"This is a signal from the president and the defence minister that we treat the development of such troops as a priority," BBN's head Pawel Soloch stressed commenting Molenda's appointment.

Others promoted to the Brigadier General rank include: the head of the Defence Ministry's Aviation Safety Inspectorate and the Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation Col. Robert Cierniak; Commander of 3rd Air Defence Brigade, Colonel Andrzej Dąbrowski; and Commander of the 15th Mechanised Brigade Col. Norbert Iwanowski. The commander of the 3rd Fleet, Miroslaw Jurkowlaniec, will be promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Promotions to the rank of general will be handed over for the sixth time over the last year, BBN's head Pawel Soloch pointed out. He added that more nominations are planned still in the first half of this year, primarily for line officers.

Source: PAP