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Head of BBN confirms Poland's support for Ukraine

Head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) Pawel Soloch speaking on Wednesday with Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov confirmed Poland's support for Ukraine's present steps.

The two officials held a phone talk during which Turchynov briefed his Polish interlocutor on the present situation in Ukraine.

Turchynov "stressed that Russia's closure of commercial fleet traffic through the Kerch Strait in fact means a military blockade of part of Ukraine," Pawel Soloch said.

The BBN Head said that Turchynov assured him that the March 2019 date of presidential elections in Ukraine is not endangered.

The talk also covered the intensification of Russian propaganda and disinformation regarding the Sea of Azov crisis.

During the course of the talk, "I have confirmed Poland's full backing of Ukraine's current steps and support on the international arena," said Pawel Soloch.

Source: PAP