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President presents state distinctions on National Flag Day

Poland's President Andrzej Duda awarded state distinctions to Polish diaspora activists during a ceremony marking the National Flag Day on May 2. The Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad Day also falls on May 2.

During a ceremony at noon at the Presidential Palace, the President also presented national flags to representatives of various organisations and institutions, operating both in Poland and abroad.
The head of state expressed his gratitude to the awarded people for their work for "their fellow men and compatriots."
President Duda expressed his hope that Polish flags handed to organisations "will mobilise them to better work for the Republic of Poland, and for promoting Poland at home and abroad."
In his address, Andrzej Duda observed that it was Polish history that caused Poles to emigrate and found national diasporas worldwide.
"It is thanks to our history that Poles are dispersed around the world and inhabit all its continents," the President said.


In his speech, President Duda also reminded about the history of the Presidential Palace, which was witness to "both beautiful and difficult moments" in Polish history. In this context he recalled that in 1791 the palace hosted debates around the historical May 3 Constitution and the 1989 Round Table Talks between Poland's communist authorities and Solidarity, but was also where the Warsaw Pact was signed.
In the conclusion of his address, Andrzej Duda thanked Polish diasporas for "their activities on the behalf of Poland and the Polish spirit."

Earlier, Poland's national flag was ceremoniously raised on the Clock Tower of the Warsaw Royal Castle. The Day of the Polish diaspora and Poles living abroad also falls on May 2.
On their way to the Presidential Palace, the presidential couple presented national flags to people gathered at the Zamkowy Square and on Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street.
Polish National Flag Day was established in 2004.
Source: PAP