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About the aims and future of NATO in the Presidential Palace

On Monady 14th December the Head of the National Security Bureau, Mr. Aleksander Szczyglo and the Head of the Chancellary of the President, Mr. Wladyslaw Stasiak as well and Minister Mariusz Handzlik have seen the Chief of SACEUR, Admiral James Stavridis.

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During the meeting Minister Stasiak has introduced main aims of Polish security policy within the framework of NATO, emphasising that our country’s involvement in the Alliance’s operational activities expresses Polish international solidarity. He pointed out that Europe has confirmed the readiness to mobilise and enhance the efforts, which has been proved by sending additional number of troops to Afghanistan.

As the Head of the Chancellery has underlined, it is a good beginning but the Alliance should note that ISAF will still face difficult tasks in 2010: the need to increase the security level for the Afghan citizens and to continue the process of forming Afghan National Security Forces – ANSF (army and police forces) as well as the fact that those forces should gradually overtake the leading role in ensuring the security for the citizens.
Admiral Stavridis has passed gratitude expressed by the Secretary General of NATO and member states for Poland’s resolute and strong involvement in NATO operations. He noticed that Poland currently can set an example for other countries of the world as a model commitment in the international security issues.
The subject of talks included also issues relating to „Contingency plans”, New Strategic Concept of NATO, particularly development and transformation directions, with emphasis put on the fundamental role of collective defence within the framework of Article 5.