Poland ready to increase engagement in fight vs IS- Security head - News - National Security Bureau


Poland ready to increase engagement in fight vs IS- Security head

Poland is ready to increase its commitment to fighting the so-called Islamic State, Poland's National Security Bureau (BBN) head Pawel Soloch said Wednesday.

Soloch was asked by a news portal Onet.pl whether is was possible that during his July visit to Poland the US President Donald Trump would hear "our declaration of greater engagement in the fight against the Islamic State".

The US president is to visit Poland on July 6, before a G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Trump's Polish visit programme envisages a face-to-face meeting with the Polish President Andrzej Duda, a public address to the Polish nation and talks with regional leaders attending the Three Seas Initiative summit in Warsaw on July 6-7.

"The Polish authorities, both the president and our government, the ministers of defence and foreign affairs have made declarations that we are ready to increase our commitment, of course expecting proposals of this engagement", the head of BBN said.

Asked whether land-based military action was being considered, Soloch replied that one needed to wait for the (NATO) Alliance's decision.

"We are ready to talk, but the final decisions about our commitment, if they are made, will be made only in the context of actual action proposals", he said.

Source: PAP, own information