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Deputy Head of the National Security Bureau visits the US

On 14-18 November the Deputy Head of the National Security Bureau, Mr. Witold Waszczykowski and Minister Mariusz Handzlik visited the United States.


During their stay in Chicago both ministers attended the Mass celebrated on the occasion of the Independence Day as well as participated in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Polish Highlanders Alliance of North America.

During the celebration minister Handzlik read President Kaczynski’s letter addressed at the Highlanders in which the President praises the Alliance and highlanders for their attitude towards the tradition, Polish values, family, Church and the land of their fathers.

Minister Handzlik congratulated on that occasion the Alliance on their contribution and engagement in sustaining Polish tradition during the past eighty years and awarded on behalf of the President of the Republic of Poland decorations for the services for cultivating Subtatra culture in the United States.

The ministers also met the representatives of the Chicago Polonia. Minister Handzlik emphasised that the Polish community should strengthen their position in America and more actively participate in the American public life. The meeting concerned also current situation in the environment of the Polish community abroad.

The visit included also visiting Washington where the ministers held several meetings with the representatives of American administration and gave a lecture on John Hopkins University.