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Polish and Czech presidents discuss cooperation, NATO summit

Polish and Czech Presidents Andrzej Duda and Milos Zeman met in Prague on Tuesday to discuss Visegrad Group cooperation, the migration crisis and the July NATO summit in Warsaw.

At a press conference after the meeting the two presidents underlined the good economic relations between Poland and the Czech Republic.

President Duda thanked President Zeman for his "very firm declaration that every country should handle its own internal affairs by itself, as part of its sovereignty, without any necessity to listen to admonishing remarks from European institutions, for example, or other countries".

"This is an important declaration because it shows (President Zeman's) concern for his country's sovereignty and for partner-like treatment of other countries, especially neighbours", Duda added.

It is very good that the Visegrad Group of countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) speaks with one voice on the most important matters: the European Union's future and resolving the migration crisis, the Polish president also remarked.

He also thanked the Czech president for his approval of Poland's objectives for the July NATO summit in Warsaw and for seeing a need to strengthen the Alliance's presence in those countries of the region that consider it necessary for security reasons.

The two presidents agreed on practically all issues of international policy and cooperation between their two countries, according to Duda.

"The EU above all should strengthen the defence of its external borders. We have to make an effort to maintain the Schengen area", President Duda said when asked about the EU's agreement with Turkey. He added that open borders fostered economic turnover and good international relations.

President Duda received the Order of the White Lion from President Zeman. The Czech president was presented with Poland's Order of the White Eagle for his contribution to Polish-Czech relations.

Later President Duda met with Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka.

The Polish president's visit concluded with a meeting with Polish entrepreneurs operating in the Czech Republic.


Source: PAP