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Head of BBN at Warsaw Security Forum: Russia relations cannot dictate NATO changes

Changes in NATO, including strengthening of the alliance's military presence in its eastern flank, cannot be a hostage of efforts aimed to improve relations with Russia, according to head of BBN Pawel Soloch. The minister took part in a debate within Warsaw Security Forum.

P. Soloch devoted to next year's NATO summit in Warsaw and the strengthening of the alliance's eastern members. "Strengthening of the eastern flank is our obvious priority for the summit, but it does not exhaust the agenda," said Soloch, asked about Poland's expectations towards the summit.

The allies should also discuss a new approach to relations with Russia, according to the Polish security head. "I hope that the joint stance of the entire alliance will be that dialogue with Russia cannot determine and dictate the alliance's internal changes," Soloch said, adding that relations with Russia and NATO changes should be two separate processes.

Soloch also expressed hope that the summit would bring tangible decisions on military presence in Eastern Europe. "Perhaps let us not use the word permanent, but rather persistent as regards NATO presence," he explained.

Referring to a recent summit of nine eastern NATO members held in Bucharest, head of BBN said that the meeting did not cause a rift in NATO but instead confirmed the allies' solidarity in the face of all the challenges.

Referring to Poland's other plans for the summit, Soloch added that the country wanted NATO to offer a practical support package for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and sought "new references" in relation to Sweden and Finland, which are not NATO members, but cooperate with it.


Source: PAP