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President: Good prospects for development of Polish-Belgian relations

There is a great chance for the development of Polish-Belgian economic relations as well as cooperation within the EU, Polish President Andrzej Duda said after meeting King Philippe of the Belgians who began an official visit to Poland on Tuesday.

President Duda thanked the Belgian royal couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, for deciding to choose Poland for their second official foreign visit after their coronation.
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of the Belgians started an official three-day visit to Poland on Tuesday.
"For us it is not only a sign of friendship between Poland and Belgium, but also a sign that His Majesty wants to really intensify Polish-Belgian relations, that there is a good chance for their development, both in the sphere of the economy, which we have just discussed, but also in the sphere of scientific cooperation and youth exchange," President Duda said after the Tuesday meeting with the King of the Belgians.
The president thanked King Philippe for the fact that "Poles are well received and well treated in Belgium". "Our mutual relations, good relations are long-lasting, going back to 1830 when the Belgians fought for freedom, for independence, like Poles in the November Uprising," said Duda.
King Philippe said that Poland is "a strong partner country in Europe and in the region with which we may cooperate both in NATO and the EU." Recalling his private visit to Poland in the early 1990s, the king remarked that he was "enormously impressed by the work which has been done in Poland since then."
The King of the Belgians underlined that the Polish visit is his first official visit in Europe. "Poland is a well-known country to me and my wife. My wife has Polish roots. We really feel at home in Poland."
"I am very happy with our cooperation covering a number of areas, all fields of life," said the monarch.
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