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EU must have proper security strategy - National Security Office head

The European Union has to have a real-term security strategy, National Security Bureau (BBN) head Stanislaw Koziej said in Paris on Monday.

"For the European Union to decide about European security, it must have a real-term strategy. We should take advantage of the opportunity created by next year's summit on the Common Security and Defence Policy to start working on it," S. Koziej was quoted as saying during his Monday visit to Paris.

In Paris, the BBN head met with French Secretary General for National Defence Louis Gautier and took part in the second expert roundtable of the Weimar Triangle (Poland, France, Germany).

The talks focused mainly on problems of European security, the security crisis connected with Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the threat posed by the Islamic State.

S. Koziej underlined the necessity to begin a European Union debate on a new security strategy. He argued that changes in the European security environment, especially the qualitative change on the eastern flank, required a strategic adjustment of Euro-Atlantic structures - not just NATO's but also the EU's.

Referring to the decisions of the recent NATO summit in Newport, Minister Koziej emphasised that it was necessary to achieve their full implementation by the time of the Warsaw summit in 2016.

Source: PAP