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President: NATO summit decisions should be quickly implemented

Our joint efforts will lead to the implementation of decisions taken by the NATO summit in Newport in September, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said in Estonia on Tuesday during a meeting with the presidents of the Baltic States.

The presidents of Poland (Bronislaw Komorowski), Estonia (Toomas Hendrik Ilves), Latvia (Andris Berzins) and Lithuania (Dalia Grybauskaite) met near Tallinn to discuss security in the region in view of the conflict in Ukraine, the results of the recent NATO summit in Wales, and cooperation in transport and the energy sector.

The Polish president told at a joint press conference that it was very important to coordinate the policy of the Baltic States "in the light of the unprecedented deterioration of security in view of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict".

President Komorowski stressed that the point was to coordinate the policy towards Ukraine, "its security, independence and right to take sovereign decisions" as well as the policy in the EU and NATO.

President Komorowski said he was very glad that the presidents of the Baltic States had common views on a number of issues. "This community of views concerns Ukraine and sanctions imposed by the western world on Russia as well as concern for the fastest and the most effective implementation of the NATO summit decisions".

"This is the fundamental issue for security of our region, for all our countries," President Komorowski said.

According to the Polish president, it is very important that the Baltic States share a view on energy security of both Poland and the Baltic States as well as the entire EU.

President Komorowski stressed that the presidents of the Baltic States considered it necessary to continue and consolidate the Eastern Partnership.

"Despite the dramatic situation in Ukrainian-Russian relations, the Eastern Partnership passed the test," the Polish president said, adding that the signing of association agreements between the EU and Ukraine, the EU and Moldova, and the EU and Georgia should be seen as a success of the project.

The Polish president said he was very happy that the Eastern Partnership would be one of the priorities of Latvia's rotating presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2015.

Source: PAP,