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Talks on security in Paris

If EU wants to be a subject of European security, it needs to have a real strategy. We should make use of a chance given by the summit on Common Security and Defence Policy planned for the following year to start working on it - said Minister Stanislaw Koziej on 8th December in Paris.

The Head of National Security Bureau met Secretary General of Security and Defence of France Louis Gautier and took part in the Second Expert Round Table in the Weimar Triangle format organised by IHEDN. NSB partner institution from Germany,  BAKS,  also participated in the Table.

The main topic of the talks were issues of European security, security crisis connected with Russian aggression on Ukraine, threats from the Islamic State, as well as thoughts on security architecture at the 40th anniversary of Helsinki Final Act.

The NSB Head underlined the need to debate on new security strategy in UE. He argued that changes in the European security environment, especially dramatic change on the Eastern flank, require strategic adaptation of Euro-Atlantic structures. Not only NATO, which has already been decided on in Newport this year, but European Union as well, which should become a topic for discussion on the summit of the European Council in 2015.

Discussing question of the strategic reflection on European security Minister Koziej has referred  the meeting of the national security high level representatives of the EU Member States of EU countries on national security, organized by NSB on 20th November. Secretary L. Gautier supported the idea of organizing such meetings in the future. The interlocutors agreed that there is a need of more regular consultations on the level of security advisors and secretaries of security councils of EU countries in various formats.

Minister Koziej has also broached the issue of the decision of NATO Newport summit, underlying the need of its full implementation before the Warsaw NATO summit in 2016 r.

The cooperation with partners from Weimar Triangle countries was initiated by NSB in 2012. Initially it was held on bilateral ground with the French partner (two round tables organized with IHEDN on 26th Sept 2012 in Warsaw and on 20th Jun 2013 in Paris) and with the German one (a round table organized with BAKS on 22-23 Oct. 2013 in Berlin).

On 2nd July the first round table of the three countries was held in Warsaw on NSB initiative. The following meeting of this format will be organized in 2015 by German BAKS.

NSO conducts a dialog on European Security also with partners form Visegrad  Group countries and presidents' advisors of Baltic countries. In October and November this year Minister Stanislaw Koziej discussed this issue during his visits to Sweden and Finland.