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President keeps the trace of the situation in Georgia

Head of the NSB in Polish Radio Program 3

  • Head of NSB
    Head of NSB

On the anniversary of the outbreak of war between Russia and Georgia, Head of the National Security Bureau interviewed by the Polish Radio Program 3 said that both the tension as well as the threat posed to Georgia have decreased in comparison to the previous year. Last Wednesday Minister Aleksander Szczyglo has met with the Ambassador of Georgia to Poland, Mr. Konstantine Kawtaradze.  

Minister Szczygło has informed that the President still believes that Russia was the aggressive party in the last year’s conflict. President has not changed his opinion in view of the reports made by the EU observers, who claim that the Georgians, provoked by Russia, started the conflict. Aleksander Szczyglo stresses that the course of conflict indicates that Russia was the aggressor. Mr. Szczyglo added that Geaorgia, as an independent country is entitled to claim back the territory of Abchasia and South Ossetia.