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President: Poland wants to be good US ally

Poland wants to be a good US ally, President Bronislaw Komorowski said Friday in Warsaw at a Fourth of July (US Independence Day) gala in the residence of US Ambassador Stephen Mull.

Komorowski stressed that relations between both countries based on "a common love of freedom and independence".

"The history of Polish-American relations has certainly recorded many things that connect and bind our countries, peoples and histories. But one thing is sure - among this multitude our love of freedom and independence is certainly a common foundation and binder. Today, on another very important anniversary which marks American independence, I wish to say that we want to be a good ally. We want to feel the closeness of the United States, we want cooperation, a jointly-built better world founded on the principle of freedom", the Polish president said.

Komorowski also voiced thanks for US President Barack Obama's presence at Poland 25th freedom anniversary celebrations (June 4) and the declarations he made at the time regarding Poland's security.

Obama arrived in Warsaw for the 25th anniversary of a June 4, 1989 partly free election which took power from the country's then communist regime. At the time the US president declared that the US "stood arm in arm" with Poland and pledged that Poland "will never again stand alone".


Source:; PAP