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Global Threats are Development Barriers

Friday, 26th October 2012. Presidential Palace hosted a conference The Global Threats are the Development Barriers organized under honorary patronage of the President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski by the Prognosis Committee “Poland 2000 Plus” by the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the National Security Bureau.

The conference was opened by Professor Michał Kleber and Minister Stanisław Koziej, Head of BBN read a message of President Bronisław Komorowski. In his letter to the conference participants, the President emphasized a particular importance of an integral approach to the security and development issues as categories that shape the most important - in the globalization era - capability of the states, that is the competitiveness. 

The speakers discussed global threats for the development of the country and the world. Many of the subjects raised referred to the National Security Strategic Review. They concerned in particular the security areas developed for the purpose of the Review: social, economic, protection and defense. Among several issues, adverse demographic changes that have an effect on the security of the country, financial crisis negatively influencing the stable economic development, proliferation of WMD and other trans-sector kind of problems were raised. Recommended solutions coincided with the NSSR’s recommendations.

During the conference, it was underlined that the security and development issues are inextricably linked and the security threats constitute development barriers. A considerable part of the discussion was dedicated to the demographic and economic threats to the security, a need to improve the culture of strategic thinking, tying current activities with long term tasks, a need to improve innovativeness and increase the expenditure on research. 

A concept of methodological aspects of the research on the global threats was presented. The conference participants attempted to form recommendations relating to counteracting a new kind of threats compared to the crisis situations that existed in the past, and therefore requiring different tools to be countered.

The conference was the first of a series of six conferences focusing on the global threats that will be organized by 2015 by the Prognosis Committee “Poland 2000 Plus”. Another conference, scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2013 will be dedicated to the subject of the global crisis of capitalism in three strongly intertwined areas: political, economic and social.