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President starts the process of planned reduction of Polish personnel in Afghanistan

Friday, 12 October 2012. President Bronisław Komorowski signed a decision on extending participation of Polish Military Contingent (PKW) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Decision taken by the President means that reduction of Polish involvement in Afghanistan has begun, in compliance with the previously accepted strategy.

The decision includes extending presence of the 12th shift of PKW Afghanistan from 14 October 2012 to 13 April 2013. During that time, PKW will have 1800 troops and military personnel, which means reduction by 700 persons. Reduction of personnel is a result of the strategy agreed by the President and the government in September 2011: Directions of the Polish commitment in Afghanistan 2011-2014. The 12th shift of PKW marks the beginning of a two year process of withdrawing Polish army from Afghanistan and gradual handover of full responsibility for the governance and security of the state to the Afghan authorities and security forces. 


Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan participates in the operation carried out by ISAF. It ensures security in Ghazni Province, including protecting a section of Ghazni-Sharana highway. Polish troops are also engaged in training Afghani security forces and supporting Afghani authorities and local administration in reconstructing civil infrastructure. PKW’s tasks include also completion of development and aid projects aimed at improving living conditions of local communities. A very important factor is also support contributed to the international and non-governmental organizations that provide humanitarian aid.