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Director of the USA Defense Intelligence Agency visits Poland

Thursday, 1 March 2012. Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Ronald L. Burgess, Jr. visited the NSB.

During the meeting Minister Stanisław Koziej and General Ronald Burgess discussed the new directions of the US security strategy and hence the reduction of the American troops in Europe in order to focus on Asia and Pacific and the implications thereof to the European and global security.

The parties also talked about the security conditions in Afghanistan and how they might influence the transition in the context of the decision taken during NATO summit in Lisbon concerning ending military character of Alliance’s operation in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. One should emphasize that cooperation between the Polish and American special services in ISAF operation has got a direct impact on the level of security of the coalition soldiers, including Polish Military Contingent.

Another subject raised concerned security in the Middle East and North Africa and the tensions that are a result of both “Arabic spring” of 2011 and crisis concerning Iranian nuclear program.