Quarterly issue of "National Security" 19/2011 - 19/2011 - National Security Bureau

Quarterly issue of "National Security" 19/2011


Head of the National Security Bureau:
Professor Stanisław Koziej

Programm Committee: Dr. Zdzisław Lachowski (Chairman), Marek Ajnenkiel (Secretary),
Krzysztof Liedel, Ph.D. Łukasz Kulesa, Jarosław Padzik, Paweł Pietrzak
Editor-in-chief: Dr. Zdzisław Lachowski
Deputy editor-in-chief: Marek Ajnenkiel
Editorial team: Monika Biernat, Michał Grzelak, Joanna Kwaśniewska-Wróbel, Patrycja Mackowicz, Beata Perkowska (Secretary), Katarzyna Przybyła, Janusz Tomaszewski, Joanna Warchoł

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Tel: +48 22 695 18 77
Fax: +48 22 695 18 63

Cover designed by: Rafał Dukaczewski

Publisher: National Security Bureau
10 Karowa St., 00-315 Warsaw

ISSN 1896-4923

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All articles published in individual issues express the authors’ views.

This issue was closed and printed in October 2011.

Typesetting, proofreading, printing and cover by:
ARW A. Grzegorczyk

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