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President: Trump's words on Poland good prognostic for further cooperation

The numerous references to Poland made by US Donald Trump in his recent address before the UN General Assembly are a good omen for future bilateral cooperation, Polish President Andrzej Duda has said in New York.

The Polish president, addressing a press conference, said he was surprised that President Trump mentioned Poland in his speech so many times, above all, in the context of the closest US allies. Duda noted the fact that US President Donald Trump, in mentioning Poland together with Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as India, stresses "our continued drive towards sovereignty, freedom."

The Polish president indicated that all this is the result of his recent meeting with President Trump at the White House, of the climate of talks between the two presidents. "I am glad that we are understood, and this, in a way, is a good prognostic for our further cooperation with the United States," stressed Andrzej Duda.

The president spoke about his last week's visit in the White House and the signing of a Polish-US declaration renewing the two countries' strategic partnership.

He expressed trust that the document will be filled-in with content which contributes to the further development of bilateral cooperation and raises Poland's security and US growth, but, above all, adds to "the strengthening of Poland's sovereignty and our partnership," Andrzej Duda stressed.



During the press conference, the president was asked about possible costs of permanent US military bases in Poland, how much Poland may contribute to this financial effort and what are the chief goals of their construction.

The president said he is, above all, in favour of raising Poland's security through a permanent US military presence in Poland. This, he added, means that Poland must bear certain costs. "In view of this, initially, we have announced that US authorities and US military representatives will be able to choose a site for a such base in Poland - there are several proposals," added Duda.

He noted that Poland also declared to cover the costs of necessary infrastructure and said these costs could cost about USD 2 billion. Duda added that this was among the subjects discussed during his meeting with Donald Trump in the past week.