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President thanks US general for cooperation with Polish Army

President Andrzej Duda thanked General Richard J. Hayes, the Adjutant General, Illinois National Guard, on Wednesday for his commitment to cooperation with the Polish Army and the experience he shared with it.

The President made the statement after he presented the Commander's Cross with a Star of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland to the general. He also stressed the existence of Polish-US military friendship and brotherhood of arms.

The Illinois National Guard supports the development of the Polish Territorial Defence Force.

The ceremony was held on Polish Armed Forces Day, observed on the anniversary of the victorious Battle of Warsaw of 1920. President Duda also handed over ten promotions to the rank of general and one to the rank of vice admiral, as well as state distinctions to people for merit in matters of Polish defence.

President Duda expressed his gratitude to the general "for his cooperation with the Polish Army, for the experience he has shared with it, for his collaboration marked by responsibility and friendliness towards Poland and Polish soldiers."

"One could say that Polish-US military friendship and our brotherhood of arms are older than the United States Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution," the Polish head of state went on to say.

"I am speaking about Tadeusz Kościuszko and general Kazimierz Pułaski - the heroes not only of Poland and our struggle for our freedom and yours, but also the heroes of your freedom and independence," President Duda said.

Referring to the Polish-US friendship, President Duda said: "I want us to develop this friendship, and I wish for us Poles, Polish soldiers, Polish families, and you, the general as well as the US Army and soldier families in the US that a US soldier will never be killed on this soil," he stressed.

He also expressed his wish for this friendship to cause Poland to always enjoy peace, good development and prosperity.

Source: PAP