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President: Naval infrastructure needs rebuilding

Poland's naval infrastructure must be rebuilt, as head of the Polish Armed Forces I promise that I will be active in this matter, President Andrzej Duda said on Sunday in Poland's northern seaport Gdynia.

Andrzej Duda, in Gdynia for celebrations of the Day of the Sea and Navy Day, including the unveiling of a Seafaring Poland Memorial, mentioned plans to modernise and re-arm the Polish Navy and rebuild its infrastructure, and said he was ready to aid the undertaking.

"The Polish Navy needs rebuilding in the infrastructural aspect, and this must be done. As head of the Polish Armed Forces I promise the people of the Polish sea, Polish seamen, that I will do what I can to work towards this end with the naval command and the defence minister," Andrzej Duda declared.

President stressed that in order to perform their duties well, naval forces had to be well equipped and armed with modern weaponry, "so that they have not only courage but also weapons with which to protect our safety."

Andrzej Duda said he was in Gdynia to pay tribute to Poland's seamen and thank them for their service to the country. "I am here today to bow my head before generations of Polish seafarers, Polish seamen, before your service, and the service and sacrifice of your loved ones. I want to thank you for this service wholeheartedly on behalf of the Republic," President said.


Located on Gdynia's Skwer Kościuszki (Kościuszko Square), the Seafaring Poland Memorial commemorates Poland's maritime history and seamen who perished at sea.