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Security Bureau chief confirms good contact with Defence Minister

We are in constant touch and have very good contact with Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak; we receive all vital information well in advance, Pawel Soloch, the head of the National Security Bureau (BBN), said on Saturday.

The head of the BBN, questioned by a public radio broadcaster about presidential dealings with the Ministry of National Defence, replied, "we have very stable and very good contact with Minister Blaszczak." "All of the necessary information, which is in the expertise of the minister, and not the president, we receive in advance," he pointed out, referring to queries about personnel changes in the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ SA - a holding company established by the Polish government to unite Polish, state owned defence industry companies).

Soloch was also asked if the changes at the Ministry of Defence were in line with President Andrzej Duda's expectations. He replied that the president expected "to have direct contact and good co-operation with the minister." According to the Polish constitution, the president is the supreme commander of armed forces and he directly supervises the BBN.

Soloch also commented on the work of the team that will develop changes in the command and control systems of the armed forces. The BBN and the Defence Ministry last week announced that changes will be made in close collaboration between the presidential and the government sides.

"This team has been meeting and working since last week," he explained. "Certain arrangements, and how they will be specified, are bound to be announced," he assured. He added that he does not want to talk about "informal arrangements that have already taken place".

Source: PAP