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MoD's generalship nominees under spotlight - Security Bureau

"President Andrzej Duda has received a request from the Ministry of Defence to nominate 14 officers to the rank of general, these candidacies are being analysed", deputy head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) Dariusz Gwizdala told PAP on Monday.

"The names of the promoted officers will be made public after the president has made final decisions", he explained.

Dariusz Gwizdala added "the candidates are now being checked for compliance with formal requirements, for experience and professional background".

"The president expects the candidates to answer the needs of the armed forces, and will also study them in the light of the ongoing work on changes to the army's command and control structures", the deputy BBN head said.

Duda was expected to appoint new generals on August 15, the Polish Army Day, but refused to do so, pointing out he couldn't assess the candidates while reform of the command and control structure was underway.

This view was reiterated by his aide, Andrzej Dera, last Thursday.

In August, the Defence Ministry sent an updated Strategic Defence Review (SPO) to BBN. The ministry is said to differ with Duda on the extent of presidential powers over the army. One bone of contention is whether the different branches of the armed forces should be coordinated under a shared command, an idea favoured by BBN but apparently not by the Defence Ministry.

Source: PAP, own information