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Government Protection Bureau must be elite - National Security head

Planned reforms of the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) are to make the service an elite unit, National Security Bureau (BBN) head Pawel Soloch said Monday on TV. Soloch said that the changes would also strengthen the position of BOR's commander.

Soloch's statement came in connection with a Friday road accident involving Poland's PM Beata Szydlo, which earned BOR criticism for security failures. Szydlo, who was hospitalised with minor injuries, is reported to be recovering well.

Commenting the incident, Soloch said the criticism was unfounded and reminded that the full circumstances of the accident would be known after inquiries closed. He stressed that the government wanted to reform BOR as it was "a very important service" which guarded top state officials, and therefore needed strengthening. He added that the changes had been in preparation for some time.

"Certainly it would be a good thing if these reforms strengthened the service, because it is a very important service. It should get really the best people, and for this purpose we must crate - and will create - adequate conditions to prepare these people for the service. These conditions will include pay and other things", Soloch said.

Asked about plans to strengthen the position of the BOR commander, Soloch said this would be of "essential" benefit to the service.

Source: PAP