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President: Poland supports Moldova's and Ukraine's EU bid

Poland supports Moldova's and Ukraine's EU bid, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said in Chisinau on Thursday after talks with Moldovan and Ukrainian Presidents Nicolae Timofti and Petro Poroshenko who declared readiness to implement necessary reforms.

President Komorowski said at a joint press conference that being an EU and NATO member, Poland is safer and more prosperous. It develops on the basis of logical rules laid down by the EU, the Polish president stressed.

"That is why we wish all our neighbours the opportunity to use the same mechanisms building security and wealth," President Komorowski said.

"We wish Ukraine and Moldova as well as Georgia could find an efficient way towards the western world," the Polish president went on. He also stressed that European integration would never be directed against anyone but would be always guided by care for a better future of all nations.

The Polish president expressed hope that in the forthcoming parliamentary elections Moldovans would vote to continue the pro-western course.

"Good Ukrainian-Moldovan relations are an effect of common understanding of challenges and chances," President Komorowski said, adding that solidarity made it easier to defend oneself against the pressure of the external world marked by reluctance towards European integration.

The Moldovan president declared that his country would continue to use precious assistance offered by Poland and other EU countries on the road to the union. He expressed solidarity with Ukraine and support for its territorial integrity.

There is no alternative to the European road, President Poroshenko said, expressing hope that Moldova would continue to follow a pro-western course after the elections.

The Moldovan and Ukrainian presidents declared their readiness to carry out necessary reforms, including the ones stemming from the association agreements with the EU.

Also on Thursday, Presidents Komorowski and Poroshenko met with Chairman of Moldovan Parliament Igor Corman and PM Iurie Leanca.

Source: PAP,