National Security Bureau is a body providing aid and support to the President of the Republic of Poland in executing security and defence tasks.
National Security Bureau

About the National Security Council

The powers and the scope of responsibilities of the National Security Council (NSC):

The NSC is the President’s advisory body on the matters relating to Poland’s internal and external security. 
Its function is to investigate issues and to form opinions that relate to State’s security, and those include:
  • general guidelines for State’s security,
  • principles and directions of the foreign policy,
  • directions for the Armed Forces development,
  • issues relating to external security,
  • threats to the internal security and resources for countering them.
The NSC’s functioning mode:
The President calls the Council and determines an agenda.
The National Security Bureau’s responsibilities within the NSC include:
Factual, organisational, technical and financial services provided for the benefit of the Council.
Currently, the members of the National Security Council are as follows:
  • Radosław SIKORSKI – Speaker of the Lower House
  • Bogdan BORUSEWICZ – Speaker of the Upper House
  • Ewa KOPACZ – Prime Minister; Leader of the Civic Platform
  • Janusz PIECHOCIŃSKI – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy; Leader of the Polish People's Party
  • Tomasz SIEMONIAK – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence
  • Stanisław KOZIEJ – Head of the National Security Bureau
  • Grzegorz SCHETYNA – Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Teresa PIOTROWSKA – Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Jacek CICHOCKI – Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister
  • Leszek MILLER – Chairman of SLD (Democratic Left Alliance)
  • Janusz PALIKOT – Chairman of the Your Movement
  • Jarosław GOWIN – Chairman of the Poland Together



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